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Marius Wernig

The Wernig lab is interested in two major areas of stem cell biology. One focus is the epigenetic reprogramming of somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells and this technique's translational applications for regenerative medicine. Another area of interest is the study of self-renewal mechanisms of mammalian neural progenitor cells, with the hope of identifying novel approaches to better understand brain cancer.

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Recent Publications

Pang ZP, Yang N, Vierbuchen T, Ostermeier A, Fuentes DR, Yang TQ, Citri A, Sebastiano V, Marro S, Südhof TC, Wernig M.Induction of human neuronal cells by defined transcription factors. Nature. 2011

Vierbuchen T, Ostermeier A, Pang ZP, Kokubu Y, Südhof TC, Wernig M. "Direct conversion of fibroblasts to functional neurons by defined factors." Nature 2010 Feb 25;463(7284):1035-41. Epub 2010 Jan 27.

Wernig M, Lengner CJ, Hanna J, Lodato MA, Steine E, Foreman R, Staerk J, Markoulaki S, Jaenisch R "A drug-inducible transgenic system for direct reprogramming of multiple somatic cell types." Nat Biotechnol 2008; 26: 8: 916-24 More >

Wernig M, Zhao JP, Pruszak J, Hedlund E, Fu D, Soldner F, Broccoli V, Constantine-Paton M, Isacson O, Jaenisch R "Neurons derived from reprogrammed fibroblasts functionally integrate into the fetal brain and improve symptoms of rats with Parkinson's disease." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2008; 105: 15: 5856-61 More >

Wernig M, Meissner A, Foreman R, Brambrink T, Ku M, Hochedlinger K, Bernstein BE, Jaenisch R "In vitro reprogramming of fibroblasts into a pluripotent ES-cell-like state." Nature 2007; 448: 7151: 318-24 More >

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Lab Members

Marius Wernig, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator
Vittorio Sebastiano, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Samuele Marro, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Mike Kareta, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Nan Yang, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
Henrik Ahlenius, Postdoctoral Fellow
Jonathan Davilla, Postdoctoral Fellow
Soham Chanda, Postdoctoral Fellow
Tommy Vierbuchen, Graduate Student, Cancer Biology Program
Ernesto George Lujan, Graduate Student, Genetics
Bahareh Haddad, PhD Student
Yi Han Ng, Graduate Student Program in Microbiology and Immunology
Jesse Karmazin, Medical Rotation Student
Daniel Fuentes, Undergraduate Researcher
Troy Yang, Undergraduate Researcher
Cyrus Khajvandi, Undergraduate Researcher
John S. Hawkins, Undergraduate Researcher
Oz Hasbún, Undergraduate Researcher
Rika Bosmans, Administrative Assistant

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Contact Info

Institute for Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine
265 Campus Drive, Rm. G3145
Stanford, California 94305

Phone(Marius Wernig): (650) 721-2495
Phone(Rika Bosmans): (650) 736-9639
Phone (Lab): (650) 721-6364
Fax: (650) 723-3228

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