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Aaron Newman

Our lab builds novel data science tools to better understand the cellular and molecular composition of normal and neoplastic tissues. We are using these tools, together with high throughput sequencing, single cell genomics, and experimental techniques, to study the diversity and clinical significance of (i) cancer cell subtypes involved in tumor initiation, maintenance, and metastasis, and (ii) stromal cell subsets in the tumor microenvironment.  

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  • Integrated digital error suppression for improved detection of circulating tumor DNA NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGYNewman, A. M., Lovejoy, A. F., Klass, D. M., Kurtz, D. M., Chabon, J. J., Scherer, F., Stehr, H., Liu, C., Bratman, S. V., Say, C., Zhou, L., Carter, J. N., West, R. B., Sledge Jr, G. W., Shrager, J. B., Loo Jr, B. W., Neal, J. W., Wakelee, H. A., Diehn, M., Alizadeh, A. A.2016More
  • Robust enumeration of cell subsets from tissue expression profiles NATURE METHODSNewman, A. M., Liu, C., Green, M. R., Gentles, A. J., Feng, W., Xu, Y., Hoang, C. D., Diehn, M., Alizadeh, A. A.2015More
  • The prognostic landscape of genes and infiltrating immune cells across human cancers NATURE MEDICINEGentles, A. J., Newman, A. M. (co-first author) , Liu, C., Bratman, S. V., Feng, W., Nair, V. S., Xu, Y., Khuong, A., Hoang, C. D., Diehn, M., West, R. B., Plevritis, S. K., Alizadeh, A. A.2015More
  • An ultrasensitive method for quantitating circulating tumor DNA with broad patient coverage NATURE MEDICINENewman, A. M., Bratman, S. V., To, J., Wynne, J. F., Eclov, N. C., Modlin, L. A., Liu, C. L., Neal, J. W., Wakelee, H. A., Merritt, R. E., Shrager, J. B., Loo, B. W., Alizadeh, A. A., Diehn, M.2014; 20 (5): 552-558More
  • FACTERA: a practical method for the discovery of genomic rearrangements at breakpoint resolution BIOINFORMATICSNewman, A. M., Bratman, S. V., Stehr, H., Lee, L. J., Liu, C., Diehn, M., Alizadeh, A. A.2014More
  • Identification of a colonial chordate histocompatibility gene SCIENCEVoskoboynik, A., Newman, A. M. (co-first author) , Corey, D. M., Sahoo, D., Pushkarev, D., et al2013; 341 (6144): 384-387More
  • Lab-Specific Gene Expression Signatures in Pluripotent Stem Cells CELL STEM CELLNewman, A. M., Cooper, J. B.2010; 7 (2): 258-262More


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Palo Alto, California 94304

Phone: (650) 736-1482

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